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Amenities Center

The Amenities Center building and Patio area are available to residents for private parties and functions.
Reservations are required and can be obtained through MAY Management. Please call or email Jackie Daif at 904-940-1002 or jdaif@mayresort.com for further information.

Many community functions are held here as well.

Rules are as follows:

Amenities Center Rules

1.Persons under the influence of alcohol, or illegal drugs, are not be permitted on the premises.
2.Profane language, or other improper or offensive behavior, is not allowed.
3.Motor vehicles must be parked in designated areas.
4.Parents and/or a legal guardian are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.
5.Do not adjust the temperature nor remove the thermostat box.
6.No open fires.
7.No candles, except on birthday cakes.
8.Smoking is not permitted anywhere.
9.Lessee is responsible for cleaning up immediately after using the facilities.
10.All trash is to be placed into proper receptacles.
11.Glass containers are not permitted on any of the outdoor areas, including the patio and pools.
12.Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult while on the premises.
13.Hours of use are from 10:00 a.m. to midnight daily.
14.Do not leave an active barbeque grill unattended at any time.
15.Please allow a cooling period of the barbeque grill before allowing any activity around the grill area.
16.No one under 16 years of age is allowed to use the barbeque grill.
17.Lessee and their guests and invitees use the barbeque grill at their own risk.
18.Only residents of The King & The Bear, Turnberry, Royal Pines, Saint Andrews, Glenmoor, and the Residences, along with their accompanied guests and invitees, are allowed to use the Amenity Center and patio. Any such use, though, is conditional on approval by the SMCNPOA Board of Directors.
All uses of the Amenity Center and patio must be reasonable in nature and scope, and consistent with not only the facilities themselves and the surrounding neighborhoods, but with good peace and order. (Amended August 23, 2016)
19.Any resident charging a fee for participation in an activity at the Amenity Center and patio must restrict participation to residents of The King & The Bear, Turnberry, Royal Pines, Saint Andrews, Glenmoor, and the Residences. Any participation by persons from outside of those specified neighborhoods must be approved by the SMCNPOA Board of Directors. Any fee charged can only be in an amount to cover actual costs and/or expenses of that particular event. No profit can be derived by either the resident, or any outside person and/or company, from the use of the Amenity Center and patio, unless approved by the SMCNPOA Board of Directors. (Amended August 23, 2016)
20.No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed.
21. In order to fairly share availability with all residents, no private events (those not open to all members of the community) will be allowed to be reserved on a repetitive, weekly basis. Monthly reservations are allowed. However as an additional option, should the Amenity Center not be booked, those who hold monthly events that want to hold those events more frequently may contact May Management no sooner than three days in advance of any date and reserve the center, if it is available.

Important Information

Location: Swim and Tennis Area - Windmill Circle

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